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How do I know how many cords I should use for each exercise on my AeroPilates reformer?

The number of resistance cords you use is determined by the exercise and your workout level—beginner, intermediate, or advanced. The workout videos that come with each Stamina reformer and the reformer videos you purchase from specify the number of resistance cords to use with each exercise, but use the number of resistance cords that challenge you without compromising your form. If the exercise is too easy, add a cord. If it is too hard, take a cord off.

How do I adjust the rope length for my AeroPilates reformer?

The latest Stamina reformer models' ropes have clips that attach to rings on the side of the reformer frame under the sliding platform. To adjust length, simply unclip and move the clip to the ring that gives you the proper rope length. Older Stamina reformer models are adjusted by untying the ropes from the hand straps and retying them to the desired length. With my AeroPilates reformer, how close should my shoulders be to the shoulder pads? Your shoulders should be snug against the shoulder pads, but not pushed hard against them.

What do I do if my AeroPilates reformer's rollers are squeaking?

If your rollers are making noise or not rolling smoothly, first make sure your frame is aligned correctly. If the alignment is correct or if you have roller noise after adjusting the frame, use silicon spray on the steel roller track.

What is the Box and Pole?

The Box and Pole is used with your AeroPilates reformer to make some Pilates exercises more challenging. The Box is placed on the sliding platform so your body is raised off the platform creating a different workout angle. The pole is used for stability. A strap is also included when you purchase your Box and Pole. The strap attaches to the footboard of your reformer for abdominal work using the Box and Pole.

How do I fold my AeroPilates reformer?

Remove the tension cords from the slots in the front frame and slide the cushion assembly toward the rear frame. Turn the reformer on its side and move the front frame toward the rear frame so it folds in the middle. Secure by inserting the locking pin into the rear frame.

How do I get a replacement for my AeroPilates DVD?

To order replacement DVDs, call Stamina customer service at 1-800-375-7520.

Can I get a stand for my Pilates reformer if it didn’t come with one?

Yes. Stamina makes two stands that can be purchased on this web site. These stands are easy to assemble and disassemble. There are two stands, one that fits three cord machines and one that fits four cord machines.

Where can I find the model number of the product?

The model number consists of two numbers followed by a hyphen, four more numbers, and possibly a letter (for example, 55-1111 or 15-1025A). This number can be found in three places:

  1. The outside of the box directly under the bar code.
  2. The lower right hand corner of the front cover of the owner's manual.
  3. Most products have a sticker with the model number, serial number, and customer service toll-free number located on one of the frame pieces of the unit.

It seems as though I am missing some hardware needed to assemble the product I purchased. What should I do?

First, take all parts out of the box and positioned in front of you. Move any packaging material out of the way, but do not dispose of it until the machine is assembled and functioning properly.

Next, begin with Step 1 of the assembly process reading each step carefully. The instructions specifically give the name, dimensions, and part number of the items needed. When you finish reading the instructions, you will have inventoried all your parts. If you are missing a part, please contact us or choose Replacement Parts in the Services section of this site to order your missing part online. The item(s) will be shipped to you.

The hardware illustration page in the front of the owner's manual is for reference only. This page is provided to help identify the various types of hardware used in the assembly steps. The parts list page in the back of the Owner's Manual is a list of every component used to make this product complete. This page is provided to help identify parts for future replacement.

How do I return an item?

To return an item, first contact the retailer you purchased the item from and follow their return instructions. If you purchased it from, contact Stamina customer service at 1-800-375-7520. For quicker service, have the purchase order number, the date of purchase, and the model number of the product when you call.

How do I order replacement parts for my Stamina exercise equipment?

To order replacement parts, complete the parts request form in the Services section of our website or you may contact us by e-mail at, or by phone at 1-800-375-7520 or you may complete the ordering form located in the back of the Owner's Manual and fax or mail it to us.


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