The Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution Tutorial For Proper Kettlebell Form


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The Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution Tutorial For Proper Kettlebell Form



Kettlebells are like no other workout you've ever done--this isn't just lifting weights--so proper form is important to avoid injury and to get the best results possible.

Kathy Smith and Mia Finnegan walk you through each exercise, breaking down the movements and pointing out which muscle groups you'll be focusing on.

Kettlebells can be a very efficient workout and you'll see amazing results when you perform the exercises with proper form. Kathy and Mia will demonstrate variations of the swing, snatch, clean and press, lunges, deadlifts, and more.

Practice correct form every time you work out, even if you need to use a lighter weight to do it right. With proper form, you'll advance to heavier weights, if that's your goal, and get that strong, lean balanced Kettlebell Solution body.

More about Kathy Smith
With over 16 million workout videos sold since 1980, Kathy Smith has become a household name in fitness. A mother of two, Kathy also serves on the board of the USC School of Gerontology, the Women's Sports Foundation and is a recipient of the IDEA Lifetime Achievement Award from IDEA Health & Fitness, the world's largest professional fitness organization. Kathy is a trusted motivator that has sold more than $50 million in infomercial products and over 16 million workout videos worldwide (inducting her into the Video Hall of Fame).

More about Mia Finnegan
Mia is a former nationally ranked gymnast, and is past Ms. Natural Universe, Fitness America Pageant National Champion, Ms. Galaxy Fitness, and Ms. Olympia Fitness to name just a few of her accomplishments. Mia is a personal trainer, fitness author and educator.


  • One solution to get these amazing results:
  • Flat Abs
  • Tight Buns
  • Sculpted Shoulders & Arms
  • Sleek Legs
  • Weight Loss


Recommended use:  Learn proper kettlebell form to lose weight, strengthen and tone abs, buns, shoulders, arms, back, and legs.

Targeted Training:  Total body strength and fat burning cardio

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